What is Synesthesia?

Black Sheep Beautiful is Kari Faherty, an artist and synesthete currently based in Washington, DC.

Synesthetes are people with the neurological condition Synesthesia.  It is a condition in which two or more of a person’s five senses are mixed up together.  A person may feel sound, or taste smells, or hear color.

I’m one such person.  I hear color.  My brain processes noise not only as sound, but also as color. All noise produces a color show in my mind’s eye.  These colors become my art – a beautiful, abstract representation of moments, people, and life.

One thought on “What is Synesthesia?

  1. I love your story, and I look forward to the designs you will create for the Bridal Shower favors from having listened to the voices of my dear friends who are soon to be married.

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