Every one of Kari’s paintings tells a story. This website’s homepage features her painting of Andrea Bocelli’s performance in the empty Milan Duomo on Easter of 2020.

Mr. Bocelli agreed to give this concert during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was his way of lifting spirits and spreading hope. In an interview beforehand, he said he would be praying rather than singing. The church was empty as he sang several beautiful Italian songs. Before the final number, he walked outside, into the empty square, and sang Amazing Grace in English.

If you were among the 2.5 million viewers watching over YouTube that day, you will remember this moving moment. Perhaps you were among the millions singing along – to that song, at that moment – during a weird and weighty global season. If you were, you were among those who will never forget it.

This concert is still available on Mr. Bocelli’s YouTube channel. Whether you’re watching for the first time or not, you will experience the moment of this painting – when Mr. Bocelli exited the empty Duomo and sang Amazing Grace. 

As he sang, Kari experience his voice and the other sounds as a range of colors in her mind’s eye. His voice is a range of oranges, from goldenrod to mandarin, soaring to bright teal with high notes, and light blue as he gently fades at the song’s conclusion.  The accompanying organ is deep turquoise, ruby, wine, and daffodil.  The chorus in the background is lilac.

This is one example of a painting that is more than a painting. It is a moment, preserved forever, capturing and evoking all the present and tangential emotions that went along with this specific Easter, and maybe, all of 2020.

To see more of Kari’s paintings and read their stories, visit her portfolio on Instagram: #blacksheepbeautifulart

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