Along M Street

  Georgetown is one of my favorite places in DC. My family spends a lot of time there, and a lot of time walking along M Street on our way somewhere. This piece captures some iconic DC sounds. Honking horns feature as trembling reds and oranges. The assertive bus engines dominate most of the drawing […]

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Under the Whitehurst Freeway

BIG sounds are so soothing. The warehouse-like circumstances of standing on K Street under the Whitehurst Freeway are no exception. Creamy hay tones, whispery grey, barky browns, slate, terra cotta and bright orange. Engine after engine grows and swells into these cloudy colors under the Freeway, but the motorcycles roaring past overhead are always vivid, […]

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Sculpture Garden Fountain

If you’ve been to the National Gallery of Art’s beautiful sculpture garden, you’ve seen the gently animated fountain in the middle. It’s a large circle pond with jets around the outer edge, firing toward the center. As you sit, sipping your coffee or munching a cupcake, the jets trickle in little arches, landing quite near […]

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This piece of the Georgetown Waterfront, but it’s also a sweet personal moment. These are the colors of my family laying on a picnic blanket on at the Waterfront, right near the Potomac River.  My oldest son had just turned two.  On this day, my youngest was officially ZERO – this was his due date. […]


While you were in…

I have a dear friend. She lives four blocks away. We both have two boys, almost exactly the same ages. Our older boys both have orange voices. Our younger boys both have sky blue voices. She donated her family to me for a portrait when I was testing this synesthesia art idea. They’re a beautiful […]

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Art at District Doughnut

Three weeks ago we took my visiting parents to one of our favorite spots in DC: Cady’s Alley in Georgetown. As we made our way there, a serendipitous meeting occurred between myself and a man handing out doughnuts from a new shop on the Alley. “Doughnuts, coffee, and art!” he said. Of course I went […]

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Mercury Fountain

Fountains are gorgeous to the eyes and ears…and in my case, the eyes-in-ears.  They’re often green, but in the case of the Mercury Fountain in the rotunda of the National Gallery of Art, the falling water is blue.  The acoustical situation of the rotunda is gorgeous – big, hollow, and soothing.  People are always chatting, […]

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Here Comes the Sun

I can’t resist this song by the Beatles.  The tingling guitar riff will brighten my mood, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  This time it was played by a busker outside a coffeeshop in Georgetown.  These are the kinds of moments that make me so grateful I live in the city.

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National Fireworks

Happy Fourth!  This year’s fireworks (2016) were way to hazy to see, let alone hear from my home.  But last year’s (2015) were as noisy as I could wish fore.  Limey-green POPS!  Ultra-pink sizzles.  Deep blue BANGS! that you feel in your chest, with a dusty rose after-color.  And Halloween orange blasts hiding throughout, but coming […]

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