This isn’t an innovative work of art. It didn’t require talent. That’s not what makes it precious. It’s precious because it’s a portrait of the sweet children at my church – singing, listening, laughing – done live, while they watched. The church coordinates a “Kids News Magazine” called GPTV (Gospel Project Television) for them each […]

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Nantucket Series

I’m excited to launch a long-term dream: The Black Sheep Landmark Series. Travel is a big part of my life, so I’m going to be bringing my destinations to colorful life through my art in the coming years. First up: Nantucket, of course. Feels fitting. While on Nantucket this Fall I took notes. Each of […]

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“Village.” What does this word mean to you? What images does it conjure up in your mind? Where does it take you? A client came to me recently and asked me to paint “her village.” She has two friends whom she loves, and wanted to give them a gift. These friends and their children are […]

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Morning Kiss

When I was a kid, I would experience color when I was touched. This experience disappeared long ago.  I thought it was gone forever. A few weeks ago, my husband kissed me good morning – and I saw this. I ran immediately to my pastel case and began grabbing colors, sputtering all the while, “I’m […]

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Marshmallow Muffin

I have a friend who as a daughter. This daughter is unusually adorable (no, it’s really true). She’s barely a year old, but she’s so talkative, and I’ve been enchanted with her voice from day one. This is her babbling voice, in all it’s peaks and valleys of expression.

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Art is at least half what YOU bring to it. The memories are what make my work special. This painting is what I “saw” during my hard-won, insanely windy, first moments on the summit of Mount Madison in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. The sustained winds were grey-blue, surging darker during gusts. When […]


Sustained Gust

A piece inspired by last week’s intense thunder storm. This is the sound of a particularly hearty and long gust of wind through the trees outside my balcony. (Also my first piece with my new pastels. I’m in love.)

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Can’t wait to put this sentimental five minutes up on my own wall. Here’s LA COLOMBE (a local coffee shop), along with the notes I scribbled while sitting in their Blagden Alley location a year ago. I don’t remember what every color was…but I do know that the reds are glass clinking on glass as […]


NGA, Gallery 10

If it hasn’t become obvious, the National Gallery of Art is a pilgrimage spot for me. It’s where I go when I need to unwind, to clear my head, to plan something, to get perspective. There are several galleries I always visit. Gallery 10 is one of those. I’ve sat on the velveteen bench by […]

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I’ve painted this fountain before. It’s in a special place, the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden. This garden is where my boys and I have found shade and cooled our hands on hot DC days. My husband and I have listened to jazz here. My family celebrated my oldest son’s birthday here with cupcakes […]