Collection for the Petworth Art Collaborative

Last summer, I hung my first collection of work in District Doughnut’s Georgetown location.  In the autumn, I got an email.

Sara was coordinating an effort to bring art and start conversation in her D.C. neighborhood of Petworth. It would be called the Petworth Art Collaborative, and would launch the following year. She explained that she had seen my art at District Doughnut and invited me to apply to the collaborative.


I was accepted to the collaborative and slotted as one of their First Friday artists for April.

“NGA Sculpture Garden Fountain”

I was asked to create a large show piece…

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

…as well as fill the venue with art.

“Sunny Beach Day”

When I signed on to be a contributing artist, I had no idea that the first several months of 2017 would become incredibly busy.  Thinking I had all the time in the world, I decided to create a collection from scratch specific to the space.

“Macchiato,” the sound of an espresso machine.

My host venue was Hank’s Cocktail Bar. 

A spot right out front on rainy installation day!

I painted six 12×16 paintings, six micro sets, and a large 19×27 show piece. 

My First Friday was incredible.  The Petworth Art Collaborative did an amazing job coordinating the event, and their commitment to the arts is inspirational. The staff at Hank’s was friendly and helpful…and managed an absolutely PACKED room of people beautifully! 

They also gave me total freedom to talk to anyone and everyone. Their support was tangible.

But what I’ll always remember from the night was the love of my friends and buyers. My family attended, friends whom I didn’t expect made the trip down and greeted me with hugs, and my husband was there all night for me to recharge with after taking to so many strangers.

Best fan girl ever.

If that weren’t enough, two people who viewed my art connected with it enough to buy it. DC City Scape and Jetnoise both sold in the first month.

“DC City Scape,” a collage of DC noise.

In a plot twist, the artist for May could not show work, and I was invited to stay on for another month. I replaced the two sold pieces with new originals.

“Traffic” and “Waterfront Fountain”

As a finale, the Collaborative is inviting all the featured artist to contribute their show pieces to a throwback show for the month of June! “Here Comes the Sun” will stay through June.

Thank you Petworth Art Collaborative and everyone at Hank’s for your commitment to the arts, local artists, and your community! You’re inspirational!

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