Okoa Kisakye

Okoa: “Saved” or “Rescued.” Kisakye: “God is merciful.”

One April, a baby boy, an orphan, arrived at an orphanage in Uganda. The orphanage was named Okoa. He was taken in and named. For his middle name, the caretakers chose Kisakye.

At the orphanage, the children were taught about God and His great father-love for them. They had a little church service each week. The children sang, and prayed, and listened. 

As of this year, this baby boy is no longer an orphan. He is a son. He is a brother. Because years later, a family arrived at that same orphanage. They stayed until they could bring home this little boy with the middle name Kisakye.

This family participated in the orphanage church times while they were in Uganda. One week, the mother recorded it. This painting is a group of orphans and big, big hearted caretakers worshipping god. The oranges are their voices, chattering and singing. The bright green is clapping hands. The dark green and dusty blue is the drum they beat while they sang. The purple tones are their hushed prayers. The coral and mauve shades are the children’s teacher and her translator. 

Adopting this child was not easy. It took endurance, and perseverance, and intense love. But the family did it. The little boy with the middle name Kisakye is home. But he has a new middle name, one that runs in the family that is now HIS family. 

 Thank you, family, for letting me capture such sacred memories in this painting for you.

One thought on “Okoa Kisakye

  1. Is this the little one your friends were in Uganda for when I was at your house in August?

    This is the most stunning piece I’ve seen yet!!

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