Art is at least half what YOU bring to it. The memories are what make my work special.

This painting is what I “saw” during my hard-won, insanely windy, first moments on the summit of Mount Madison in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. The sustained winds were grey-blue, surging darker during gusts. When the wind paused (it didn’t STOP during that hike), the sheer, high, fearful, majestic BIGness of the alpine zone still hung heavy with sound, all straw-colored and gold.  This was a very special moment for my husband and me.

Sam Larson (@samlarson) is an artist my husband loves. He tipped me off to Sam’s #underonemin contest.  Artists were to submit a drawing done in under one minute for Sam Larson goods.  My husband told me about it and mumbled something about “proving my love” blah blah “cool buffalo shirt” blah “he’d do it but can’t draw” blah blah “deadline tomorrow” blah blah blah.

We’re wilderness people. Yes, we’re city dwellers, but we get out – REALLY out – whenever we can. Last spring we attempted the Presidential Traverse, a peak-to-peak trek across the Presidential Ridge. We didn’t get past our assent peak, Madison, but Madison was a holy experience.

Since I participated in this contest for my mountain man, I had to draw him a mountain.

We couldn’t resist naming it #UNDERONEMIN. Can’t wait to get this on the wall and have my memories of Mount Madison always above my studio space.

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