NGA, Gallery 10


If it hasn’t become obvious, the National Gallery of Art is a pilgrimage spot for me. It’s where I go when I need to unwind, to clear my head, to plan something, to get perspective. There are several galleries I always visit. Gallery 10 is one of those. I’ve sat on the velveteen bench by the Aphrodite Fountain countless times, scribbling everything that passed by. Clicking heels. Squeaky sneakers. Hushed voices. And always, the green trickle of the fountain.

Of all those countless scribbles, only twice have I created full paintings for others. The first was for a security guard kind enough to compliment my work. I handed that day’s painting to him on the spot. The second is this piece. I’m hoping it goes home with someone who loves it as much as that kind guard loved his.

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