I’ve painted this fountain before. It’s in a special place, the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden. This garden is where my boys and I have found shade and cooled our hands on hot DC days. My husband and I have listened to jazz here. My family celebrated my oldest son’s birthday here with cupcakes and coffee. Last Mother’s Day I stole a quiet moment beside this fountain while the boys splashed.

This fountain is circular with jets all around the perimeter shooting arches of water toward the center. It is also gently animated. The arches grow from short to long and back again. When the arches are short, the sound of the splashing water is green. When they are long and all landing in the middle, the sound is dark cobalt. All the gradient hues in this piece between green and blue are the sound of the splashing water as the arches slowly lengthen and shorten.

The garden is also lush with trees, and so there are birds. The goldenrod in this painting is the sound of their intermittent chirping.


Since creating this piece, it has been sold.


This piece…In my mind, it will always be “The One That Knew its Owner Was Coming.” The night I started it, I did so because I had an uncontrollable desire to make THIS piece. I cleared my schedule and began. Within two days I was nearly done. Then Alex contacted me. He was initially interested in another piece as a souvenir of time in DC. But after talking, I leaked him a progress shot of this beauty. He loved it. It really is like this painting was always his and appeared right before he came for it.

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