Wedding Invitation

This client was brilliant. She was throwing a bridal shower and asked if we could create a piece of art using the bride and groom’s voices. The painting would be a gift to the bride, and we would also use the design to print greeting cards as favors for the shower guests.

Conveniently, the couple had recorded a YouTube video as their wedding invitation. From this video I was able to see their voices and preserve the surprise.

The groom is true royal blue, bright but still deep. The bride is one of the rare people who’s voice is two different colors: a beautiful, bright, creamy lemon yellow accented by periwinkle blue.

Since this was a wedding gift, I couldn’t resist doing two distinct streaks that blended as they came together. The grey-blue accents the piece just like it accents the bride’s voice.

I named it Wedding Invitation, because that’s what I listened to to catch their colors, and also to remember the unique way they invited their loved ones to their wedding.

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