This is a very special commission, contributing to an auction which will raise funds for a family who is adopting. I was thrilled to do this set for them.

This is something of a cityscape. Jet engines, espresso machines, honking car horns, and wind blowing off the Potomac River all feature as bold orange, creamy hay, popping red, and indigo. For a sister set of paintings inspired by ambitious Washington, Onward & Upward seemed an appropriate set of titles.

Later, however, the family pointed out that “onward & upward” was strikingly similar to the phrase “further up and further in,” a phrase from a set of books by C.S. Lewis. These books had been intensely encouraging to the family along their adoption journey, and they had used references in several of their fundraising efforts. This crossover wasn’t intended on my part, but once we realized it, we agreed it was meant to be.

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